BLOOD Research Program

Hematology is a comprehensive specialty dedicated to the epidemiology, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and research in all types of blood-related disorders. Hematology research activities include the investigation of blood production, blood function and blood-related diseases.

The mission of the BLOOD Cluster is to develop a competitive research program in basic, translational and clinical research in all areas of hematology.

BLOOD Cluster research program comprises projects aiming at investigating epidemiological and pathophysiological processes as well as diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic approaches of all blood-related disorders, and pathophysiological processes that contribute to inflammation, thrombosis and hemato-oncological diseases.

Current areas of research are:

  • Inflammation & hematopoiesis (Ramanjaneyulu Allam)
  • Monocytic inflammatory diseases (Nicola Andina)
  • Mouse models of hematophysiology and hematopathology and their translation to human hematological disorders (Anne Angelillo-Scherrer)
  • Targeted diagnostics in hematological malignancies  (Ulrike Bacher)
  • Mechanisms of epigenetic regulation (Michael Daskalakis)
  • ADAMTS13, Von Willebrand Factor and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura/thrombotic microangiopathy (Johanna Kremer Hovinga)
  • Myeloid malignancies (Sara Christina Meyer)
  • Molecular hematology (Naomi Azur Porret)
  • Long term survivorship after Stem Cell Transplantation Bone marrow failures and cytopenias (Alicia Rovó)
  • Thrombotic autoimmune diseases (Monica Schaller Tschan)

Confocal microscopy of a thrombin-activated platelet aggregate stained for α-tubulin (magenta), P-selectin (green) and protein S (red). Animation displayed surface rendered platelet aggregate tilting around X and Y axis for 90°. The movie was realized using Imaris software. Blood. 2020 May 28;135(22):1969-1982 from Sara Calzavarini et al. Entitled: Platelet protein S limits venous but not arterial thrombosis propensity by controlling coagulation in the thrombus (Anne Angelillo Scherrrer).